Scholar athletes are pushed to discover the best in themselves and to develop their emotional, physical, collaborative, and intellectual skills. The Athletics program builds on the four core pillars of a CCSA education.


Scholar athletes are expected to study their sport, their team, and to learn about their own bodies to achieve peak performance.

Strong Character

Demonstrate sportsmanship, hard work, and a team mentality in all practices and games.


Athletes are taught to train year-round to improve their bodies, sport awareness, and knowledge to achieve peak performance.


Consider future academic and career pursuits in light of opportunities afforded by athletic excellence.

Participation Requirements

All scholar athletes must meet or exceed established behavioral expectations and grade averages. CCSA has developed a handbook for scholar-athletes that outlines the rules and regulations governing the athletics program. Athletes and their families should be familiar with this handbook.

Sabers Ticket Prices

Adults: $5
Students: $2
Children under 10: Free

Sabers Home Games

Middle school students and children under 10 must be accompanied by an adult. Spectators are expected to follow the gym rules.

Sabers home game tickets are purchased at the door. We charge for any athletic event with a start time after 5:00 (including JV games). Gym doors will be open to spectators a half hour before the game start time.

Please note, we have a small facility: once tickets sell out we will shut the doors and not allow admission.


Girls Basketball

  • Coaches

    DeJaunna Mosley  Head Varsity
    Vivian Melvin  Varsity Asst.
    Charlene Thomas  JV Head Coach
    Adrienne Harper  Middle School

Boys Basketball

  • Coaches

    Daniel Spangler  Head Varsity
    Buzzy Wood  Varsity Assistant
    TBD  JV Head Coach
    TBD  Asst.
    Larry Fain  Volunteer Asst.
    Rashaan Hollman  Middle School


  • Coaches

    Ryan Fisher  Head Varsity
    Alexa Garrity  Varsity Asst.
    Charlene Thomas  JV Head Coach
    John Garrity  Asst.
    Mindy Nguyen  Middle School

Competitive Spirit

  • Coaches

    Ciera Stovall  High School Coach
    Tasha Birtha  High School Coach
    Ashley Graves  High School Coach
    Michelle Freeman  Middle School Coach


  • Coaches

    Daniel Spangler  Head Varsity
    Kevin Magee  Varsity Asst.
    Rebecca Beachy  Middle School

Middle School Track

  • Coaches

    TBD  Head Boys Coach
    TBD  Head Girls Coach
    TBD  Throwing Coach

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