Academic Curriculum

At CCSA scholars are given opportunities to discover the best in themselves. They explore the arts through a challenging and innovative curriculum. They meet talented and passionate teachers who help them to recognize their unique learning style. And they find, most of all, that they are embraced and respected as a valuable addition to the CCSA community.

Elementary School (Grades K–4)

Scholars in the elementary school follow a well-rounded academic program that includes regular tuition in five core areas. The curriculum takes a generalist approach to the arts. Throughout the year elementary scholars engage in dance, music, theatre, and visual art, while also receiving instruction in physical education and math lab.

Social Studies
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Middle School (Grades 5–8)

The middle school is designed to ensure that students receive the support and preparation they need to transition toward greater independence.

Grade 5

Students are taught in a self-contained class with a single teacher.

Grade 6

Students receive instruction from a Humanities teacher for English and Social Studies, and a Sciences teacher for Math and Science.

In the Arts, students are welcomed to reflect on their interests and to begin to direct their own education. Each trimester they are given the opportunity to narrow their arts focus and enhance their aptitude in a particular discipline.

Grades 7 & 8

Each of the core subjects – English, Math, Science, and Social Studies – is taught by a separate teacher, as students prepare to make the transition into high school.

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High School (Grades 9–12)

The high school includes Grades 9 through 12. The 2019 senior class was the first class of graduates at CCSA. Scholars in the high school are required to take four years of the core subjects.

Social Studies

‘Majoring’ in the Arts

Each year, in addition to their core subjects, high school students select two arts disciplines as majors, or areas of intense focus. They may choose theatre, dance, visual art, digital art, vocal music, or instrumental music.

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Elective options include Geography, Multicultural Studies, Personal Finance, Social Issues, Tourism and Travel, Environmental Sciences, Careers in Science, Engineering and Technology, and the Health Sciences Elective Program.

Students may also participate in a number of school clubs and extracurricular programs.

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Post-Secondary Planning

Particular attention is given to ensuring not just that all high school students graduate, but that they are prepared to succeed in their aspirations. To this end, CCSA has developed a post-secondary planning program to provide students with the resources needed to establish life goals and to identify the road ahead of them. Scholars develop a clear action plan for how to accomplish their personal vision, which may begin with college, technical school, military service, or gainful employment.


State Assessment Notice

The Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) requires Pennsylvania to ensure that the total number of students assessed in each subject using the Pennsylvania Alternate System of Assessment (PASA) does not exceed one percent of the total number of all students in the state assessed on the statewide assessments. Each local educational agency (LEA) must complete and submit the PASA 1.0 Percent Participation Threshold Justification to PA Department of Education (PDE) if it anticipates that more than 1.0 % of its students enrolled in grades 3-8 and 11 will be assessed using the PASA. A list of LEAs who anticipate exceeding the threshold will be made publicly available on the PDE website, in accordance with 34 CFR 200.6 (c)(3) regulations. LEAs must also make the document publicly available upon request, removing any personally identifiable information. Chester Charter Scholars Academy (CCSA) anticipates exceeding the 1.0 percent threshold for PASA participation for the 2019-20 testing cycle. The necessary justification information has been submitted to the Bureau of Special Education. Questions on the CCSA participation rates should be directed to Martina Hussein, Director of Special Education at

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